Asia Server D3 Login issue

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I had problems logging onto the Asia server which kept insisting password was wrong, switched option to US and managed to log in. However, when activating D3, error 1002 was thrown and am not able to proceed to log in.
Cant connect 3 hours
There was a connection problem but this should now be resolved, please try connecting again.

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Cannot connect to ASIA server
What happens when you try, yeshraj?
i was able to play yesterday but today i am unable to play as it gets stuck on connecting to Blizzard Server on ASIA server.
In AMERICAS server i cannot start any game as i get a never ending loading screen.
It sounds like you might have a connection issue in general, when trying to connect to the servers. Please go through the steps from this Support Article. Make sure to go through the Advanced Troubleshooting steps as well.
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Cant log in Asia server ?
Me too
It been 1 weeks
How tO fix it ?
Hey SilentEvil,

Thank you for using the search function to try and find a solution or answer, but please do not bump such old threads. If you cannot find a recent thread that matches your description, create a new thread for yourself instead.

Before that, make sure to go through the Connection Troubleshooting Support Article.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!

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