[S12] Build question to push high tiers

Demon Hunter
Hello fellow DHers,

Currently playing a Natalya/Marauder build, so basically : Rain of Vengeance > Sentry > Cluster arrow (for multiple arrows).

My 1st question is: Are the sentries affected by Rain of Vengeance ?

That is: Do the sentries also deal 3500% more damage if they're dropped after Rain of Vengeance, or it doesn't matter ?
Kinda same question for Oculus ring: Does dropping the sentry in the yellow area boost the sentry damage ?

My 2nd question is: Natalya/Marauder <OR> Unhallowed with Yang's recurve?

Looks like Unhallowed can reach higher DPS, but what about survivability ?
Marauder with Zoey's secret provides constant DR, and good decoys with all the companions.
Sentries are affected by the Nats 6 piece bonus, thats the reason for mixing the 2 sets, all the damage is coming from the buffed sentries.

N6M4 is more dps than multishot, a lot more. It is tankier than multishot but much less mobile and more susceptible to CC without vengeance.

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