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Unfortunately I can't find any board for suggestions only. I already tried by going on the Support Page and going through the "Send feedback" but that takes you nowhere, it just tells you to write on the forums.

So excuse me if this is not the right place!

What I'm asking today is if we can please get the Larger Cursor option as a new option to just have that aspect of the cursor itself but with the standard size, like having it off.

Without that option on the cursor has light pixelated borders and is completely flat, whilst when it's on you have a black border (which is a must to have it more visible) and a way higher resolution for its texture, making it look way more smooth.

So what I'm asking here is if we can please get a different new option where we can choose to have that same larger cursor, but without making everything bigger.

With a larger resolution that looks perfect (like 4K), but when your resolution is 1080p and you have that option on it's really way too big.

I think it'll be a cool option to have, making it both more visible and with a better texture and keeping a reasonable size for standard resolutions.
Shouldn't even be too hard/shouldn't take too long to make that option as it's just a resize pretty much.

Thanks and sorry again if it's the wrong place to ask this.
What I think I gleaned from all that was that you're asking for an option to have a normal sized cursor that has the visual appearance of the large cursor?
Exactly! Good to see thanks to the black borders and overall a better quality.

I really tried to use the larger cursor because it looks way better in my opinion but it's really hard to do so on 1080p, it actually feels weird to move around.

I'd just put that cursor with the actual standard cursor's size and name it something like "Alternative Cursor" next to the "Larger Cursor" option!

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