I still can't play the sewers map in a2 and other zones

Technical Support
No matter what I do, if a rift or GRift happens to have that floor, my AMD card will crash and I'll be forced to shutdown the game via taskbar.

I've tried everything: updating drivers, using old drivers, downloading atiumd64
.dll and atiumdag.dll from another driver patch and inserting it into the diablo III folder, repairing the game, uninstalling and installing again, and nothing fixes this.
The solutions I find are for windows 10 and windows 7(which is the one I use), tried EVERY possible solution for both and none has worked.

Please!, please! Tell me how to fix this, it's horrible and there's nothing I've not done and the problem STILL PERSISTS!

I don't know what more to do, nothing I do saves me from this.

Please, I just want to play the game...
Hi Saddler

What messages or errors do you get when this happens, if any?
Can we get your MSinfo and DxDiag as well please?

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