100+ games listed, still can't join.

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no matter the game setting or difficulty or number of available games, it makes me wait 30 seconds then starts a new game. Then nobody every joins. I can't be the only one having this problem... (lie and agree with me before I throw my laptop off my balcony.)

game has lots of lag and disconnects/boots me too. No it's not my internet, yes it's plugged in so none of that 'well-actually' crap please.
There are no issues with the servers, if you're having connection issues please begin by working through the steps in our Diablo III Latency Problems and Diablo III Disconnection Problems articles, if after performing all the steps in the article your issue persists please reply here and provide as much information relating to your issue as possible and also a Trace Route and Pathping.

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you are not the only one having this problem,me,my brother also our friend have this problem(we have 2 pc).But Blizzard on denial.i can play the game 2-3 hours without lagging,sometimes even not that much and then constant desyncs or disconnects.Can't join public groups even when it shows 110+ open parties
,especially on night times.this is started on season 12 and we don't know why.this season is like a nightmare for us because of this lag issue.

i'm also playing Poe,warframe and gw2 without lagging,but on d3 servers we are having a lag problem.we lose all hope at this point :(

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