stuck at GR95

Demon Hunter
this is the build
what should I change...besides another compas rose and helm...I know it suck's...
you dont got a whole lot of dexterity tbh. i got like 13,3k now and i still find it hard to do alot of dmg past 95, but i have done 96 in good time and im sure i can do 97 im working up to that atm, nearly got it last time. maybe that is where i lack skill or whatever but. what i use is unity ring instead of aquila. much more reliable cause it goes on and of and its not good if u get hit when it is of. and u can use belt extract chain of shadows with withcing hour or the extract from cold gloves with chain equip, i think overall it would work out the same as convention ring, sure u got this moment of burst now and then but if u need to roll or dodge when cold afix is up its kind of wasted and withcing cold gloves more as its always on. helm is not bad at all. and one detail u dont have a rune asigned for impale wich kinda blows :p im not sure if it is a bug or normally not that. also i do believe pain enhancer is BiS gem for impale as u get insane amounts of attack speed on packs and bleed dmg, but only grief is its painfully bad at the rift guardian compare to stricken f.ex. with my set up i run full dex on sockets aswell wich is huge, cause surving isnt the issue its doing the dmg i need to do. cause the build i run survivability is not an issue it comes down mostly to push enough dmg, and not get caugth in a situation where i constantly jump out of things for a big dps loss. i think tbh. your gear is probs better or same as i have except i use elusive ring and unity extract with chains of shadow equip with cold gloves extract. and i got a bit more dex as said. and im not sure why u have so low CHD and CR.. im sitting at around 64 crit i know for sure and i think 400 chd. without the dex i think your gear is better overall then mine for sure then what i got overall, except i cant understand why u have so low crit and chd looking at your gear it seems like it is maxxed for most part. haveing oculus ring for follower is great also. but really it start to get very hard at around 97 even with very good gear. im by now means an expert but i hit rank 200 on the ps4 atm. using what i stated here. your compas rose is prety aswesome i think but hey hard to roll as, chd, crit, dex and a socket but possible. for now im just working to augment as much as i can with 400 dex on my gear, aiming to put one up every day and its like difference of doing another level up.
Thank you for the detailed answer.
I'll switch to overpenetration rune and cold skill, and i'll manage to done one more GR level under 10 min, today i'll try next one, but after i'll grow the pain enhancer gem. I want to try it in stead of the yellow one (BOP -I think).
Thank's again
yeah, do that, normally the dmg to element your main skill is provide a great increase to dmg.

but it seems i hit a brick at grift 97 tho :| so im going to try and swap pain enhancer for stricken to see if it will make it easier for me. ive been looking alot at the top runs and for most part it's bane or stricken but the best run use a pain enhancer. so i guess they are all viable but. just changing whatever u can to impale dmg and the element u use on impale is probably the biggest difference, without completely trashing all other stats ofc. alternatively u could just augment a piece with the gem u feel serves u the least :D but at that level all those small details and play style matters alot :|
Manage to do GR 97 with few second remaining...:)
Still, after i'll switch BOP with pain enhancer I bearly manage to do 95, so for me BOP works better :). I'll change the white diamonds with the green one, so now i'll have over 2,2 mil dmg.
Afterall reach GR 97 under 1000 para it is a premiere for me...
:D yy. im going to sit down and do the last 5% to hit paragon 900 now lol. managed to do 99 earlier today with 5 secs ish left hah :p then i would run identical setup except stricken instead of pain enhancer /w green gems. seems every piece i augment normally let me one up. but i see ppl with less gear then me do even more i cant understand how they manage to do all the dmg or just bigger pull.

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