Random game stutters

Technical Support
Same problem I've seen a ton of over the web.

Stutter and FPS drop to 0 every 30s-1minute.

1080Ti FE on water.
i7-7700k also water cooled.
Dominator DDR4 32gb 3000MHz
ASUS Predator 34" ultrawide
Samsung 850 pro 500gb ssd

Windows updated.
Graphics drivers updated, using recommended settings. Full screen, etc.
Every other driver I can think of updated.

msinfo - https://pastebin.com/uWgueg1n
dxdiag - https://pastebin.com/PuGKQgJH

I should be able to hold 140fps easy, what is going on here?

I tried turning off shadows, 32-bit client, multiple ethernet adapters, different monitors, full screen, no AA.
There are some additional troubleshooting steps you can try here.

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I notice when I reboot my PC the stutter goes away for a few games or so and then returns. The only solution is to reboot my pc every time. Its obviously a programming memory bug or something. The stutter is becoming annoying. I also never had this problem until I went out and bought a GEFORCE GTX 1080 card as well.

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