Constant d/c and lagging out of game.

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So I live in the EU and play on the NA server. I'm getting disconnected or lagging out at least 30 times a day (and thats on a good day). People that I know around here who also play on the NA server all have the same issue. It isn't my IP and for sure isn't my comp.

I have 64gb RAM, Nvidia 1080 Ti gpu, and an AMD Ryzen 1950x TR (16 cores ) cpu. The ONLY games I have this issue with is with Blizzard games.

I'm assuming, as well as people in the clan I am in and on Discord who live in the U.S. and have a worse system than mine that aren't having issues, that it's because the EU servers are slower when people here try to play on the NA server.

If this is the case, please fix that so that us here in the EU can play on the NA server without constantly lagging out or getting disconnected. It makes playing D3 a severe pain when you try to play it but more than half the time you can't and then just feel like uninstalling it because this issue has never been dealt with.

So please Blizz devs, work on this so you can make the people here in the EU a nice time playing on the NA server.
Hi Rekka!

As with all cases of playing games on servers based in the US, there will always be a fair amount of latency and lag due to both distance to the server and how much of the network your data needs to travel through. It's not something we can do anything about, it's purely due to where the servers are located.
That said, going through the latency troubleshooting may help reduce the latency you're seeing.
I'd have to disagree with the statement that nothing can be done to fix it. Of course there is. A company like Blizz has more than enough money and resources to fix the problem. Giving a higher connection for the EU to the NA servers is one easy solution.

It's honestly sad that a tiny indy group who run Path of Exile which have much worse servers and are based in New Zealand know how to properly do this and yet no engineers and server techs at Blizz know how to.

Maybe the answer is even easier. Is D3 just taking a backseat to Blizz money making games as always and you devs just won't admit it?

I would think a company would strive to make ALL of their customers happy, which I guess isn't the case. GG to all the people who live in the EU trying to play on the NA server. Blizz cant use a tiny bit of their billions of dollars to take care of this issue. *rolls eyes*

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