FPS drops and stuttering

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I haven't been playing this game for ages and the last time I played this game I ran it in a laptop with a GTX 780M with almost all the setting maxed out and a solid 60 fps.
I just bought the necromancer and start playing with my brand new Laptop with the GTX 1070 and an I7 7700HQ and the game stutters as hell and get constant FPS drops. It have no sense that an old machine like my previous laptop could move this game smoothly as silk and my new laptop that is literally almost 5 times more powerful can't move it fine.
I have read that the game now runs in Dx11 but I reverted the game to Dx9 of previous patches in the launcher and it's still a festival of stuttering and fps drops.
I tried disabling the most demanding settings such SSAO and antialiasing, problem persists, tried windowed, full windowed and fullscreen modes and problem still persists.
Drivers updated.
I'm completly sure the problem is in the game, not in my machine.
Is there any fix for it? and please, Blizzard team, don't ask me for DxDiag and and don't give me useless solutions as you normally do. The laptop is new and other games work perfectly.
What kind of FPS drops are we talking about?

Into the low digits?

If that's the case, maybe it's not utilising the Nvidia card. Nvidia Optimus cards need a driver profile setting - I would have thought the new D3 64-exe was included in the new Nvidia drivers.

Other option if the GPU and CPU checks out and you have optimised it for games (power settings at high performance, driver tweaks etc.) it could be network related.

I guess your wifi or network setup is at least different between the two laptops.

Optimise wifi card/ethernet settings for d3.

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