DH NAT Strafe suggestions?

Demon Hunter
Any Suggestions, Other than better equip drops??: Natalya Strafe Build
My seasonal DH, Lusha GR61 has been my top solo.


Rerolled stats from Mystic were best choices at the time and I was focused on completing NAT set Dungeon.
Jewelry Cubed = 1 less set pc req doesn't show on page. I have switched between Hexing Pants & Aquilia.

I'm not familiar with all the Abbreviations used in forums, so bear with me.
Oh boy. Your enchants are horrible. You only reroll secondary stats if primary stats are good (except for Unhallowed essence builds where you need discipline on some items). Your rings have no crit, weapons must have emeralds, the damage element on your Dawn doesn't matter one bit (you only reroll damage range if it's in the low end and the other stats are fine), bracers should have +% damage to the element of your biggest damage dealer, gloves need crit damage, helmet crit chance.

Probably lots of other things that can be improved with skills and passives but I haven't played Natalya in years. You should be able to google some builds on youtube or diablofans.
Thank you very much for the suggestions Jazz. I'll check my bank for better pieces of NAT set or farm mats to re-roll pieces I have. Gem changes in weapons is no problem. I should have at least one or two other Wraps of Clarity in my bank to check for better stats. I have at least 4 of each of the rings in bank, so I can check those as well. At the time, I thought I had good stats an was working with what I had for the items with the secondary stats. Thorns was the best I could think of for extra damage. lol.

It does seem like I really need better drops with better stats to improve beyond that.

Thanks again.
I've done some crazy rerolls in my time too... and salvaged the wrong items etc.

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