Stuck on "Retrieving Hero List"

Technical Support
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I get this while trying to login, followed by error code 395002.

Anybody else experiencing the same issue?
i do
Same - someone broke the servers.
Same issue. I was in the game and it gave me a "Game terminated" message and i no longer can log in.
Yup same thing here
Same here
Same here
yes i just got this message. :@
Same for me
Yeah game crashed followed by this error. Good thing I looted 99% of that rainbow portal when it crashed.
same here was mid rift and DC from servers now I cannot log in.
Yes, me too, exactly, Game terminated, then can't retrieve anybody listening though....
Same problem
i had 3 chests to obtain from Tyrael and suddenly... Game terminated
i am upset, VERY upset
Its only Europe or US too ???
i was on my final mission for season... upraged gems and crashed... now cant retrieve hero list... ffs
same here

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