Back from a 2/3 year break and lost..

Demon Hunter
Hey guys!

I reinstalled the game and I´m completely lost in all aspects :-(

I would like to ask for some advise on where to start build/spec/gear wise but also where to start ¨game wise¨ (solo story line? adventure mode? which level?)

I reset my quest line and started the campaign from scratch on T1 and my health pool seems ago but dps saks.

Help! Where to start? I looked into some posts and vids but I lack the understanding of them as miss knowledge on all the changes of the last years.

Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated..!!


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Did you find the page that has a history of patch notes? Click the Diablo 3 button at the top left of this page, then game guide, then the page for patch notes which is underneath the followers.
There you can read about everything that is new since you last played.

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