Dashing Strike Delay in Combat

Hey all, I've looked through a few pages of this forum and can't seem to see this anywhere.

Is anyone else having an issue with Dashing Strike either delaying before casting or not casting at all?

I'm finding that i'm having to mash dashing strike sometimes to even get a cast off, otherwise I can have up to a 1s delay

  • I've checked latency
  • I know my PC is capable of running the game, I've even lowered settings to be sure it wasn't lag.
  • I wasn't sure if it was my cheap keyboard but I haven't experienced the problem elsewhere.

I've not had such an issue with any other skill on any other class and this delay isn't present outside of combat

Now that i'm pushing 100+ i'm finding that I'm ahead on timer but then I get set back by some really stupid deaths where I just couldn't use dashing strike and god help me if a dashing strike build ever becomes META....

Thanks in advance for your insights
Dashing Strike is the reason i died 75% of the time when pushing.

I can run through walls, but the slightest pebble on the floor and it uses a charge and you go nowhere - you then think you misclicked so you do the same thing again, and of course the same result.

I wish they would change it so you either have like 5 charges, or it works a lot more of the time.
I can confirm this
I think it's due to either mob or other obstructions in the way. It can make the build stressful and frustrating. Most players on the leaderboards will fish for the right tile and mobs where Dashing strike will be effective.

Yet to see a progress run video with Act III dungeons ;)

After playing an Invoker crusader at the end of season 13, it was very relaxing in comparison to playing a WoL monk.
The delay might be caused by trying to activate the skill just before a charge has finished it's cooldown. It's actually possible to activate skills when there's about a half second left on the cooldown, it will appear to cast with a small delay.
All of the abilities now have a .5 second delay or so on them. Not sure why they added this into the game, but it's annoying as f. I see it on Wizard, Monk, and Necro so I am going to assume that all classes do it.
Having just started a monk I notice the exact same thing, it gets me killed a lot

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