Ps3 Legit Players? 2018

Just started on my ps3.
PSN: dewi81

Region Europe
I’ve just started playing this again - would love to join some multiplayer games
Currently levelling up my Lvl 43 Monk, but also have a fully levelled Crusader (3 Paragon levels atm)
PSN ezistevie28

Region: Australia (happy to play in other regions, just send me an invite)
Legit all lvl 70 characters but vary from T2-T6
Add: XWhySoSeriousX86
I have a mic if you like to chat but I dont usually use it
My psn is Olesclan, I have a lv 70 witch doc and I would love to play with people.
I play mostly on weekends my dudes, and i love to use witch doc lv 70 74. I can be a tank and i can be a zoologist too
hey there i am new player on diablo, looking for someone farming together.
PSN: yagaoglu61
hey! im also new. level 4! coolemoji

i chose to be hunter

hit me up! would love to play together

PSN: anteaterseatants
Add me PSN WolfAlicia
I play diablo 3 ros ps3 psn: deathskullx_015_
Legit player with mic... Have all level 70 classes except crusader which will be soon. I avg playing around 25 hours over the weekends. Playing Christmas through New years around 10 to 12 hours a day (US eastern time zone) . Will be starting first hardcore player soon.

ps3 psn: powerlessdan
PS3 ROS PSN name is Draggos
02/12/2018 19:47Posted by WolfKaynE
Add me PSN WolfAlicia
request sent / still pending
10/12/2018 05:09Posted by deathskull15
I play diablo 3 ros ps3 psn: deathskullx_015_
Request sent / still pending
I started playing, havin a Monk lv 42 and am leveling her up asap, if anybody wanna add me
Psn: LemurFalke25

*from _poland2017

add me on psn

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