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Hi All,

Im fairly new to the game and have been working on the UE Multishot build. I think i got all required pieces together now, and have managed to get CDR rolls to the point where Vengeance has no downtime anymore. However, there are so many other stats that i am struggling with what my next steps would be. Would really appreciate it if any of you guys want to take a look at my build so far and give me some advice on next steps to take,


Hi Rens/Clanmate ;-)

Where to begin, the first thing I would do is get a new ammy:
1) The best Ammy would be Fire danage, ChC And ChD the one you have now is doing practically nothing...
2) Reroll stuf!! Helmet: ChC Instead of 15% life (Idealy you want CHC and
Multishot damage)
Cloak, Vit for Hatred generation
Gloves, ChC for LpS
Bracers, Fire damage for Armor
Pants, Armor for regeneration
Cube the Cindercoat?

In general, please get rid of the life regeneration, LoH in paragon is much more valueable...
If you have trouble surviving, take the boar instead of the wolf companion...

Enough food for thought me thinks, good luck!

Check this:
En je kan ook eventueel op het tweakers forum je vragen stellen!

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