Marauder in next seazon

Demon Hunter

It seems like next season is going to be a Marauder Set. I thought I would give DH Marauder a go. I always wanted to test Marauder and Cluster Arrow. I tried a simple set without going too crazy with Caldesann's Despair and I did a few Rifts / Greater Rifts up 87. I have to admit that the damage is ok but currently I die a lot. It's like DH has little or no mitigation. Do you know what can be done to increase damage reduction?

I am wondering what's the best between Visage of Genues, Zoey's Secret and The Cloak of the Garwulf.
I love M6 with Hellcat. The most fun DH build to play with zmonk, IMO. My trick is to use Esoteric Alteration+Endless Walk+CoE+Elusive, and use Leech passive to mitigate dmg. Can survive pretty well with that.

Last season on my main account I did solo GR 102 with only p800+, highest I have ever done is 112 with p2700+.
Hi. Thanks for the clue. I'll try your combo :) Just a quick question, have you tried both Cold and Fire dmg? Is there any significant difference between them?
Only the fire runes will work with the Hellcat belt because they use grenades and not rockets. So no cold, I am afraid :p

But use Cluster Bombs for max dmg. Stand almost on top of elites when shooting, the small bombs don't travel far but they do good dmg. And try to get your Esoteric to rank 100 as soon as possible.

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