Marauder build - please help!

Demon Hunter
I'm at wit's end. Seriously.
I've been building my DH on Marauder's set because it's by far the most fun way to play IMHO.

But he has absolutely no survivability whatsoever. He gets one-shotted by a pebble, even in GR levels as low as 60 - and he's not even doing that much damage either! His gear is all Ancient (Incl. on Primal) except for the quiver, which seems to be impossible to find a replacement for.

I've managed to climb up to level 76 during season 13, but when the season ended suddenly it seems impossible to clear even GR lvl 72 for some ungodly reason.

What the hell am I doing wrong? First I thought the DH just had a higher progression threshold than other classes, so I started augmenting with fairly low level L.Gems in order to climb slowly. But alas, it seems that I've reached an unsurpassable plateau. I've been watching YouTube videos, studied variations of Marauder build, tinkered back and forth, but have only reached marginal changes if any at all. Is DH supposed to be one-shot at this level and supposed to run like a scared mouse at all times, and if so, how the hell am I supposed to make that GR timer when all I have time for is to run and dodge? (I did try that too btw, but end up running into more and more enemies, as if I wasn't overwhelmed already.

I realize that I'm not the most hardcore player out there, but I know I'm not this bad.

Help is much appreciated. Any advice at all.
(and if you can, please keep the acronyms to a minimum. I've had the game for a while, but am still not versed in them).

Just taking a quick look at your build/gear. It looks like you are may have not made the best gear/build chioces for M6 (Marauder).

Understanding the synergies of what works well, multipliers, etc really makes a difference in a build. I like the M6 speed variation, but for GR pushing I prefer N6/M4:
THANK you!
...for showing me the Maurauder/Natalya build!
I haven't changed my whole set yet, but just exchanging "Loaded for Bear" for "Maelstrom" seemed to help a lot.

I have tried the "Cluster Bombs" build, but hated it because those grenades don't have a lot of range, and I ended up in the midst of the crowd - and obviously got killed over and over. I totally acknowledge that I may need to adjust my play style for that one.

There is just something crazy fun about being able to stand in a spot, and the fire from my sentries (often scattered out all over the place) all home in on where I am and the mobs I'm fighting in delicious explody goodness.

Thanks again, and now I have some more stat tinkering to do. ;)

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