I got lucky but I am stuck with enchating. Need advise!

Demon Hunter
I have found a really nice Yang's, but it has 12 disc. Should I reroll my 11 disc to 12?

This is a screenshot of the bow: https://i.imgur.com/5RM6mI7.png
I always try to work things like this out by myself. Let's say you have currently 85 discipline and 6% attack speed:
(1 + 85/100*100%)*(1 + 6/100) = (1 + 85)*1.06 = 91.16

If you increase discipline and not AS:
(1 + 86/100*100%)*(1 + 6/100) = (1 + 86)*1.06 = 92.22

Adding to AS instead would give you:
(1 + 85/100*100%)*(1 + 7/100) = (1 + 85)*1.07 = 92.02

To me you would be better off adding discipline. Try to work out how DMG changes when you consider stats. I only compared AS vs. Discipline.

PS. BTW gratz on this weapon. It's essentially like primal :) After looking at numbers, I would probably leave it unchanged.
Attack speed - especially on weapon - will matter for breakpoints. Better look those up via d3planner or dawg6. You calculation with IAS is not really helpfull.
1 IAs on weapon can mean 5% overall DPS.

What to reroll is easy to see. Base damage is very low. 1560-1940 is max.
So this will have the biggest benefit.
I assumed its damage was already max. My bad. I agree damage should be rerolled in this case. I did not follow why IAS is wrong in my calculations. I am not arguing but trying to understand how stats work. Thanks.
No prob - your disc explanation was spot on!

Your APS is weaponAPS*Gear IAS.

Bow has 1,4 APS. With 6% it is 1,4+(1,4*0,06)=1,484
Let's say we 10 IAS from Paragon and 20 on quiver - 30 "Gear IAS".

So 1,484*1,3= 1,929 APS (would probably show as 1,93 in ingame sheet it is display rounded and not reliable).

Yang has 50% IAS for MS - it is an external factor.
So 1,929*1,5= 2,8938 MS APS (or Skill APS).

IAS on weapons is stronger than on gear. You can't just say 1% more on weapon is 1% overall more. It will depend a lot on the weapon type. Like 1hand xbow vs 2hand xbow.

And now comes the tricky part: The game uses internally 60 FPS. There can't be no not "full" frames. So it will get rounded to the next higher frame. So let's assume our attack would take 20 frames per attack (FPA). That 60/20 - exactly 3 APS.

If we'd get slightly more IAS and would now need 19,9 FPA - that is not possible for the game to handle. It would be like 20 FPA. So there is "wasted" IAS.

Sometimes it does nothing at all.

And it will get more complicated. Each skill has different animation length, so it is different for each skill.

Here is a table for UE MS that covers this (i just copied the values from dawg6 dhc calc):
(It's badly formatted and just an internal table I used 2 years before).

There is min APS (what your sheet or the above calculations says) and actual APS.

Our 2,8938 APS would mean FPA 20 - ingame 3 APS. This is because MS has a "speedfactor" (based on Animation length) of 56,6666....

But you don't need to know this stuff - use d3planner or dawg6s dhc calc. They cover that for you.
Just explaining.

Let's assume we get now a better DML that has just 17 IAS. Would mean we have 27 "Gear IAS" in that table.

With a 6% IAS Yang we'd need 28 gear IAS - so we fall one BP back to FPA 21. Same as we only had 22 gear IAS. So instead of having 3 APS in the actual game - we only have 2,8571 APS now.

3/2,8571 is ~5% APS difference (indirectly DPS -but ressources may play a role in this build).

If it would be a 7% Yang - all would be fine. In this case you could fix this with enchantress follower to get back to 3 actual APS.

You'll see that the gap will get higher the more IAS you have. UE MS is not a good example here - but it can happen that at very high BPs even a 7% IAS roll on gear does nothing at all.

But that is just for explanation - if you do not go to high, usually 7% IAS on gear gets you a BP higher. A good quiver should have 19-20 IAS and then you are fine.

But it will not be 7% more DPS. In this scenario it is 5% more. But there are some hidden factors too. You may get one more hit out during CoE for instance.
Excuse me for the late reply. Kudos for those numbers! I would never be able to reason about this item in that much detail. I have never used D3planner, but the tool tells me to reroll the damage to Arcane. Someone know the reason why?

Thanks for the awesome replies!
I am also late with my reply.

Thanks for your response and time. It must have taken some significant time to gather all the details and write them here. Very very appreciated. Have you thought about write a sticky post? :)

Arcane is called Elemental Damage. As far as I am aware, weapon damage, regardless of elemental or non elemental, affects all skills; it does not matter what it is. You can find info about it by querying google, something like "diablo iii elemental damage weapon".

On the other hand, elemental damage on other items, bracers, amulet, quiver, legs, etc. affects only a matching elemental damage like +%Fire to Fire. It's very strong, like CRIT, because it is one of the multiplicative factors. It's a significant contribution to increase your damage.
Why did you re-roll cold damage? Your skills are mainly fire damage :s
21/07/2018 22:20Posted by Garrett
Why did you re-roll cold damage? Your skills are mainly fire damage :s

Not anymore!
21/07/2018 22:20Posted by Garrett
Why did you re-roll cold damage? Your skills are mainly fire damage :s

Weapon element has no relevance (besides some follower quirks for stun/cc effects) - damage is only based on the number - element is irrelevant. Doesn't matter if it is cold, fire or whatever.

He rolled based damage up - which was the right thing to do.

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