wd alone always

Witch Doctor
hi i play wd since diablo 3 is out really fun to play that caracter only thing i dont like about wd it you cant play big gr because you cant chalenge sorc necromancer,and monk even if you got terrible (awesome stuff) people dont want us in gr it abit anoying i think it would be fair from BLIZZARD to fix wd so they can play with other witouht being penalize i got awesome stuff thrust me and lol at level 1300 it even hard to get gr 100 lol because a necromancer at around level 800 will do more damage then us with awesone stuff and over 1300 level sorry for those comments i got nothing agains necromancer lol i think it just time to make all able to play with everyone well i think so .have fun all and gltu and find great stuff )
Well wd was meta a few seasons, still good with arachyr set. I dont see iT on your chars. Bad thing is The lag a wiz doesnt have

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