Need advice on how to continue pushing GRs

Hello, this I haven't played Diablo since the release of RoS and this is the first season I play, I wanted to play a crusader and after searching most people did recommend playing a Condemn crusader.

I managed to do GR 82 and I guess I could push more to around 85. My question is how to I push past that I want to reach a 100.

What do I do first. Do I try to farm more ancients I think I only have 3 right now and after that start augmenting them. And what is the best way to farm them. Do I farm bounties so I can do rerolls in the cube or do I spam normal rifts and hope for and upgrade and what for what time I should aim to clear normal rifts to be most efficient.

Right now I clear a T13 rift for around 4 mins but I noticed I am getting more legendaries that T12 for example. Do I stuck with T13 or do I drop difficulty for faster clears.
Hey there, I am no Crusader Pro but what i am doing is i got a CDR of around 56% with the current (Mostly non ancients) so i could keep up Akarat's Champion all the time. But what i have seen is that you get more lucky with the cube re-rolls.

I only farm T13 rifts if i need DB or Rift keys, sometimes i get lucky but not so much.
Just with my my constant Akarat's Champion spams i can comfortably farm GR89

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