Been away for a while... advice please

Demon Hunter
I've been away for a year or so, perhaps longer, and now when I log in, there doesn't seem to be anyone playing public games. What does everyone do now? I've been running around killing everything quickly, so I'm not sure that my gear needs upgrading, but I continue to read about augmenting and level 90 rifts, neither of which I do.

My DH is here:

Any advice or opinion?

thanks in advance
You need a new Yang and DML - legacy gear is complete trash. Any non ancient with the worst rolls possible will be better. Wraps got an update to (from 35-> 50).

Rest is ok for para 600 - but use a diamond in helm and get 2 CDR rolls for close to perma vengeance. Iceblink is not that good - use BotP.

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