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So I decided to buy Diablo 3 reaper of souls hard copy without diablo 3 itself since I have money to buy it. The problem is that my pc doesn’t have a cd port so can I just use the authentication key instead or do I have to have the cd as well? Also should I redeem it right away or buy the actual game then redeem it?
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There are two issues here.

First, you are not going to be able to register Reaper of Souls (RoS) until such time as you register Diablo III itself. RoS is an extension and it needs Diablo III to be already registered.

Second, you shouldn't use the DVD to install Diablo III (the DVD has an old version of Diablo, no the newest)... in fact, you already have the complete game since you are currently playing Starter Edition. There is nothing else to download. That DVD serves really no purpose... except as wall decoration or a coaster for your coffee or beer mug.

Purchase Diablo III when you can ( and register its game key (note... the game key gets automatically added to your account if you purchase it directly from Blizzard). Once that is done (and you can go past the Skeleton King)... then you can register your RoS key here:
(you will need to logon to your account).
where in the heck do you put the key
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You can claim keys here.

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