Anyone else who are exciting about Diablo 4 ?

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Diablo 4 has it's plan to be more darker and gross, as it was in earlier Diablo series.
After Diablo 3 got released, people was starting to complain about the cartoon graphics and the bright atmosphere. Of course I understand them, I was a Diablo fan since Blizzard North and my opinion is that Diablo 3 is not scary at all, it's all about happy unicorns and bright atmosphere. It was kinda boring and there is no need to say: Don't play it. That is not the point, my point is that Diablo 3 was not dark enough either scary. We need the creepy feelings, that Diablo 1 and 2 had.

Back to the point, Diablo 4 has plans to be darker and more social than diablo 3.
As I read, some employer said “They want to make this gross, make it dark, [get rid of] anything that was considered cartoony in Diablo III Make what people were afraid of in Diablo II, but modern,” one employee told Kotaku.
After playing through D1 and D2 several times there was no scaryness about it anymore, and the sprites and pixelated art wasn't a feast for the eye. D3 is much better looking with 3D graphics and all and it was exciting and scary enough to go against act bosses, Ubers and the like when the game was new. With ROS, when T6 was the highest, going against Urzael and Malthael could be scary also.
Its years away. The Dev/gamer is a thing of the past I believe. Blizzard and a lot companies have lost touch with what people want out of games. I guess its the new trend micro sales and poor games. People will buy them just not me lol. It would be nice if they made diablo good again but I wont get my hopes up :)
I'll believe it when I see it.
Projects have a way of getting cancelled.
Too late for it. They already killed their core players. We are not excited for d4 which will be available 100 years later. Too late.
Im playing D2 now. Not really excited.
There is no D4, you muppet.
29/11/2018 07:35Posted by latimeriaex
There is no D4, you muppet.
    Fenris is, all of our sources have confirmed, the current incarnation of Diablo IV. Blizzard’s Team 3 has been working on this version of the game since 2016
I'm not really exited, more of dreading what kind of abomination comes out next. Considering the current iteration of D4 didn't get started until 2016 after the first was scrapped, it's still years away. D3 was a design failure and it's amazing it even got as much upkeep as it did. Read the article mentioned above, it's enlightening.

29/11/2018 07:35Posted by latimeriaex
There is no D4, you muppet.

So for what unannounced Diablo project are they still hiring people? Pay attention to the word unannounced. It may be D4, it may be some other Diablo game. Whatever it is, it's nothing we already know.

I'd also point out that insulting other people is not advised.
Considering this could all be damage control and perhaps a complete fabrication, i very much doubt activision will produce anything but a cashgrab microtransaction crap... Not very excited at all...
Pretty naive of people to think they have anything substantial.

D4 isn't releasing before 2022-2023, even if they started working on it in 2016.

I don't get excited over releases that are half a decade away, which is literally the best case scenario.
No! I want to play another D expansion before they make and release D4!!!
No excitement here at all. I'll believe it when it's available for sale and not till then. I don't believe a word of what Activision says.
Not if Diablo 3 is the foundation - THAT was why I was upset with Diablo Immortal, less that it was mobile (although that too) but more because the D3 on mobile is being touted as the "Authentic Diablo Experience" going forward, not the ICONIC Diablo 2 experience. If it was D2 remastered being announced - ppl would have lost their minds.

If Diablo 2 is the foundation they are revamping to and building from, then yes, im VERY excited.

Im sorry. i know ppl have feelings and i dont want to hurt anyone's but its important for me to articulate how disappointed i have been with Team 3 since D3. Reaper of Souls did NOT fix anything for me.

D3 does not feel like Diablo to me. And i want Team 3 to get the feedback that there are some players like myself who dont have faith in the talents or abilities of that team anymore, not if they think Reaper of Souls "FIXED" Diablo rather than fixing "Diablo 3" - a Diablo i dont want.

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