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10/11/2018 16:32Posted by Saya
08/11/2018 12:10Posted by Kheluriel
. You are still missing important pieces from the bigger picture right now and there’s a reason people are repeating the ‘multiple projects’ line.

I fear the one who is missing something about the diablo picture, till now, is you. And we have been patiently waiting for this awesomeness things since the beginning of Diablo 3 ...

...ok, i dont want to wake up you so rude .. but you think situation is good ?

I really wonder how this whole situation happened. Was there really nobody in the office that could foresee this happening?

Just can't wrap my head around it.
08/11/2018 12:10Posted by Kheluriel
We just wanted to let you know, there are still ongoing discussions as we’re studying your feedback; stay tuned for further thoughts.

Brandy (US CM) gave some further thoughts on Reddit...
    Appreciate the thoughtful, well constructed discourse. :)

    We really are reading everything. The good, the bad, the ugly; for me, that's part of the job. We're not speaking up just yet because there's a lot for us to discuss internally first. The conversation (and our subsequent follow-up) isn't going to happen overnight. We're a pretty big company, and a lot of people are involved in these discussions.

    I know every day can feel like eternity on the internet, but it's a blink of the eye in the office and there's a lot to do. I won't ask for your patience, but I have two things I want to impress. First, this whole situation and all its facets are our top priority. Second, our communications team (myself included) is heavily committed to ensuring your voices have been heard.
Why do we have to trawl through Reddit, Twitter and YouTube for responses that should be on the official forums?
11/11/2018 13:03Posted by Meteorblade
Why do we have to trawl through Reddit, Twitter and YouTube for responses that should be on the official forums?

or maybe posted on the diablo 3 page itself like an official response, as for twitter its not posted anything in a week now, says about all you need to know when it comes to community interaction at the moment.
what the hell?
why would you post on reddit instead of d3 forum or what ever? lol?
You guys dont care at all about your pc based players , i have quit diablo 3 about 3 years ago due to this fact .

You now bring out a mobile game and think we will follow , if you want to make money try upgrading WOW graphics and call it WOW 2 .

I believe you dont care at all about your pc based gamers and the gamers who have made you the company you are.

RIP blizzard mobile enjoy and i hope you get what you want .....
Just end your pc based coding and close everything we have followed and go mobile.....
A mobile game in itself isn't bad. The problem was that it wasn't aimed at the people already playing Diablo games since we/most of us don't focus on mobile games.

On top of this, The Diablo: Immortal game itself didn't have much information about it, as in: how will the payments work, how will the gear work, same as in Diablo 3? Normally you have stuff to actually show and talk about when you reveal games, not here.
Positive thoughts though: The skills innovation in Immortal looks really interesting(monk-kick-dash, the wizard crystal-beam split, etc).

Was there any thoughts of making the game connect to the PC game before you decided to not do it?
That would've actually won me over personallyt for 30-60 min playtime a day if I could grind for money/materials on the phone and then use it on my PC platform when I had time to play it at home.
The reason why these question are important is because we did not expect a mobile game being hyped and shown at a PC/Console conference with PC/Console gamer-fans, we want information if you are doing this kind of reveal.

This is my personal thoughts & feelings that I think a lot of people have already thought or said.

Here's my next thoughts; if you want to reach out to an audience on mobile phones that you haven't reached before... why do you use an existing IP from your PC-audience?

For me I would've probably been really excited if I heard you were making a totally new IP for mobile, that's where I would believe the Blizzard-quality stamp would've made a really big mark (Hearthstone anyone? I don't even like it personally but it's a freakin' well made game, but it's also on PC)

On top of this I don't see how a Diablo-game which is resource heavy, since there is SO much happening on screen with visual effects, amount of enemies and being a game which has given me the click-spasm finger several times is gonna work on a touchscreen for a long while.
This means it will get diluted as hell for it to be viable for a big phone-audience since not everyone can afford a high-expensive phone.

Just because Blizzard developers code and make art all day and only have time to play mobile games does not mean that their fans wanna do the same. We wanna play the games you release for PC since that's the following you have had since the company started.
Really feels like the devs are not PC gamers anymore. The only reason I can think is because they are working all day 12-14 hours a day and then get home with 30 min before bedtime, play their mobile-game and then up repeat.
What happened with all of the hardcore PC gamers in Blizzard?

How could you get so out of touch with your audience even with all of the "multiple-projects on multiple IPs"...... that gave us a mobile game that no one wanted >_< Happy Reaper!

: To show the point many people are making, Diablo is not a family game or a happy game for me personally. The roots that made people love it was a Gothic-atmosphere that was lost in translation somewhere along the line.

Another edit:
After watching some of the interviews with Allen Adham that made me lose faith was the statement he made; that you are making mobile games on all your IPs with your best developers. I'm sorry but right there the whole PC-Audience got alienated, what the h*ll.. How are we ever gonna get quality PC-games then? And the lying to shareholders about fans taking the whole Immortal announcement very well... what.. you are not even trying mobile games out, you are fully investing in it. // personal speculation from the information i find.
The Problem for me here is aswell that u first work on the mobile market and let ur fans longer hanging instead of focusing on ur fanbase first which supported u all these years and bring something to them so why should we believe u that u hear us cus we all begged for an expansion a new character diablo 4 or even a diablo 1 or 2 remaster. And what do you give us? A Handy Game no one asked for and nearly no one wants except u cus for the money in your pockets so Blizz tell me why should we keep trusting and supporting you? When you show us the middle finger right in our face and say we dont care that u supported us for all those years. And no saying that u would care doesnt help anymore there need to be actions shown cus before i wont believe anything u say and wont support a damn single game from u.
Don`t u Blizzard have PCs in the office???!!?!?!

I don't normally write on forum posts, I tend to read and not input as I don't often see a lot of minds being changed by what's been written. However, this time you've asked for feedback, so I guess I'm aiming this at Blizzard directly.

As far as Blizzcon is concerned, I think you've heard that the vast majority of voices were disappointed when the announcement you had mentioned prior to the gathering ended up being a mobile game. Again, I think the sensible posters out there have said that it's not the mobile game that's the issue, but that nothing was announced for PC (although I know lots of people are concerned that we, as PC/console gamers, will become a secondary audience due to the focus on mobile gaming).

As a hardcore Diablo fan, I have LOVED D3 and still play seasons, despite feeling the lack of fresh content pretty hard. I didn't voice complaints over the differences to D2, but tried to embrace them and really enjoyed the game. I've played since Vanilla and still remember the genuine heartbreak when I lost my first monk on hardcore and had to start again. I've seen you listen as fans reacted to the auction house and try to remedy flaws in the original release. I've seen you almost rebuild the game with RoS and make changes that the fanbase were crying out for. I've seen gear and build tweaks that show the level of care that your team are making to ensure that the game is enjoyable. Each and every new entry to the game I have jumped on and it remains one of my favourite games. I have literally pumped thousands of hours in to the Diablo world. But I'm beginning to lose faith.

What I didn't expect this Blizzcon was D4, you made it pretty clear that it was coming but that it would be in the future. That was enough for me. What I DID want was something to freshen up the game that's there. I feel as though D3 is being treated like a dead game when there are literally millions of people who are absolutely gagging for anything to be brought into it. Your audience is big enough (console, switch, PC) that I can't believe that it wouldn't be lucrative to introduce something new. Hell, I would even accept a subscription if it meant regular, fresh content that made what is one of the best franchises in the gaming world stay alive. In the US and EU forums alone there are an infinite number of suggestions on how the game can be improved, and I appreciate that the bigger picture dictates whether those can or can't work, but surely there is something that can be used. People are ready and waiting to spend their money on your content, that much is clear, but we need something to spend it on!

I've ended up writing more than I thought I would...but the radio silence that is happening at the moment has me worried. The cry of 'multiple projects!' isn't really enough. Surely, just from a PR perspective alone, saying ANYTHING is better than saying nothing. Even a gif with a hint of what's to come would give us something to be excited about and would make this Diablo fan a happy fella!
Hey Activison Blizzard, care to respond to our feedback which you value so much?
08/11/2018 12:10Posted by Kheluriel
We read every thread, every sentence

In the US forum I asked You to get an official thread/ a statement about this situation it this forum, too :


Not everybody speaks english but might also want to "get heared"
Or is this discussion explicit for US/EU-EN people?
All my negative yet polite and according to code of conduct posts are deleted.
I guess you delete everything negative when you pushed that new Diablo Immortal switch content just now.

You can't have negative feedback, how would that look for interested buyers, they might think that it's a horrible game coming from people who review it and not all shiny and good as you describe it. No, you gotta be fair and objective. Delete everything that don't correspond with your own agenda, that's what the President does so can't be all that bad right.
12/11/2018 22:28Posted by MindGem
All my negative yet polite and according to code of conduct posts are deleted.
I guess you delete everything negative when you pushed that new Diablo Immortal switch content just now.

Negative feedback / posting is certainly allowed, as my own posting history can attest to. It's all about how you provide the feedback. They're perfectly happy for criticism to be levelled but it's not okay to act like a jerk when you're giving it.
Hi there Blizzard!
First i want to say that i own every single game of blizzard, even original copies of some games, not just online stuff.
Im been there in good and bad moments, always getting hype with every cinematic.
Playing the first diablo, diablo 2, world of warcraft beta, vanilla etc etc.

That was many years ago, i used to play long hours everyday. But now, im busy working, i have a wife, and many responsabilities. I cant sit and play long hours.

Since you realesed diablo 3 for switch, all changed for me, finally i can play my favourite game on my way to work or small brakes.

I miss my days of sitting for hours in front of a console or pc, but now i cant anymore.

I just want to say thank you for diablo immortal. For someone like me that i just can play portable devices, its a big deal.

Im sure you got big things for diablo fans comming, maybe you messed a little bit now, but for sure you will make up things.

True is that diablo fanbase it was very hungry for new stuff, i remember last blizzcons... i watched the whole thing all the time, and the only thing i saw about diablo was "if you buy the collector edition of wow you get your wings in diablo"... i know you are busy with heartstone, overwatch, wow etc that are your biggest income because of sub, or skins or selling skins or heroes but.... why you didnt add any skin, race, skills, new sets or anything to diablo???? Even a mount or whatever.

Anyway, to end my feedback i will just say, that you still got supporters! And people that believe in you guys! Loyal to blizzard forever!!!

Last thing: one of the multiprojects could be a strategy game about diablo 3, starcraft style. Angels, Demons, Nephalems. Yes, would be a copy of something that you have, but it will have more impact in europe/america thans SC.
08/11/2018 12:10Posted by Kheluriel
You are still missing important pieces from the bigger picture right now and there’s a reason people are repeating the ‘multiple projects’ line. ;)


All you're doing is infuriating the masses every. single. time. you. say. this.

Your code of conduct is severely frown upon.

The only piece we have, what you're giving, and "allowing" is utter and complete trash and after all this time you still kneejerk us by saying things like this.

And quit with the damned winky faces like you're being sly and clever.
It pisses the masses off even more.

By this point, honest. Every time you use this kind of lingo, regardless of what you're "allowed" to say or not, it makes me feel more and more of how horrible you are as a person, a community manager, and a company.

Right now We have NOTHING. You are giving NOTHING. And as such we are treating this like you feel like the community is worthless to you and honestly we feel the exact same way about you too.

So stop, now.

Furthermore as I edit, since I can't say "lets talk about this" because you are giving the community NOTHING, I'm literally sick of you saying "projects". I care nothing about a stupid tv series, or comic or webcast or mobile or anything else that isn't a GAME. You literally have 4 options

Diablo 1 Remaster
Diablo 2 Remaster
Diablo 3 Expansion (no character BS, actual content)
Diablo 4

All other "projects" the community, as apparent by the last week (and furthermore for the past however long) does NOT care about. So if your idea of "project" is not whats mentioned and listed above, I suggest you stop saying those words.
please do something xD its like 4 ppl EU right now doing grifts..it is no one to do anything with (on hc). I get you guys where hype about immortal and im sure its a good game but theres a time for everything. Diablo 3 is such a good game and there almost nothing that wouldnt do it even BETTER. Release things more often and dont be afraid to fail once in a while. look at poe.

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