Should we really get a Diablo Mobile GAME?

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I was thinking 9 years ago I found a tutorial on how to Install StarCraft Brood War on android I used to play it on my HTC HD2 using some mod a Fan of the game created. This got me thinking well Fans already know how to port Windows games on Smart Phones surely there is a D2 on a smartphone and here it is i found this tutorial on YouTube. Is it really that expensive and hard to even make a Diablo Mobile game come on!!!!
The video in question:
Don't understand what you are trying to say.
Do you want a mobile game? It is coming.
Do you not want a mobile game? It is coming.
Seems like Lexer wants D3 on mobile too.
One is to port a game for phone, emulate etc...and another to build it from 0 for touch purpose
And still 9 years ago the smartphones didn't excel or have proper cpu+gpu..
these days at least A12X is a beast in mobile and exceeds even the Y and U series from Intel cpu and iGpu

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