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In this topic I'll explain to you why we don't want this mobile game.

As you guys said, this game will tell the story between DII and DIII. This is good, I'm always up for new lore to discover. But let me tell you something. If you are creating a new diablo game with a new storyline, I want to enjoy it on my PC. I want to use my keyboard + mouse combo to control my character. I want to enjoy the game on my 24" monitor instead of a small mobile display. If I want to chat with somebody I also want to use my keyboard, because I HATE using my phone to type on that shi*ty virtual keyboard.

And to answer this question: "Do you guys not have phones?"
Yes, I do have one. You know what I'm using it for? Calling people, texting someone if I must, and reading news. By the way it's not even powerful enough to run a game like this, and I don't want to spend more than 300 euro on a phone just to play a game.

Blizzard said that the main benefit of this game is that now you can carry the game to anywhere. Dear blizzard... I don't want to carry a diablo game to anywhere. I want to play it at home, in my room, on my PC. I want an immersive experience which a mobile game can't give me.
Everytime I hear "Phones are supercomputers" I remember games like Pokemon Go lagging from time to time on my frking Note 9 Flagship that costs 1000 Dollar...
we don't listen,

do you have a phone or not?
So should i stop buying my 82 year old dad his medicine to buy a phone to play diablo? did i save up to build a pc to play a game to let my dad now suffer so i can buy a mobile phone to play a game iv been playing since 2000 so i can get to continue the one game i actually like. Now you tell me, do i let my dad suffer in agony and not get him his kimo terapy for 2 months to save up for a phone to run this game or am i just not gonna buy a phone and just take a dump on their company and just f off and play other games from companies that won't do this ridiculouse things. Sorry for grammatical mistakes
Sure we can play your game on our phone for 15 to 30 minutes before needing to recharge...
The only time i could (would, be willing to) play a game on my phone is when i go to the toilet for a #2.. And that's once a day for 5-15. That would be a tremendous diablo experience i guess.
Majority of your playerbase are people with jobs and families. We play your games on (mostly) pcs in the evenings. We don't want to or don't have time to play games on our phones throughout a day.. Seriously who thought it would be a good idea?
Oh and something I forgot to mention. Don't try to reach out for new audiences, try to keep your old, loyal fanbase, because it's a HUGE community. Trying to grip in new "mobile gamers" to the diablo universe with rich lore is BS. Why would you like to tell them this new story? They don't even know what happened in D2 and D3, why would they care about this? It just doesn't make sense.

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