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I really like to push the leaderboard but the boring thing about it you can't get any rewards. I guess that other have simuler thouight that I have now.

I have a idea that I would love if it comes in the to game.

Transmogs reward.
Rank 1000-500 you get some kind a gear or weapon.
Rank 500-100 you get more other gear or weapon.
Rank 100-10 you get awesome set gear that is special.
Rank 10-2 you get other kind of set gear that will make your friends jealous!
Rank 1 you get weapon + gear that make you look the king in the game.

(Sorry for bad grammar)
Botters don't deserve rewarding.

I'm not saying everyone on LBs bot, there are plenty of perfectly legit players there too. Botting and other cheating are however running rampant, thus rewarding for LB placement is out of the question.
I see, you are right! Hate people that are botting!

I just would love to get some kind of reward of hard work. Something that you can have so see and be really proud off.

I play Hardcore and got rank 5 for a time and wish that I could get something from all the hard work for it.

Do mean that rewarding for cool transmogs is a bad idea? or just that It will not work becuase of all the cheater and botters?
I like where you're going - there should be some rewards for where you finish on the LBs - xmogs or perhaps, unique portraits that you can only get from finishing on the LBs at certain ranks.

I agree that botters should not be rewarded, but if we have a blanket ban on rewards, that also affects the legit players too, which is pretty harsh imho.

What Blizzard needs to do is run its bot checks *every* *single* *day* of season. And actively BAN on every occasion. Not run its checks once every 2 seasons...which is a total joke. Blizzard cannot be serious about botting if they only check once ever 2 seasons...sorry.
Maybe it could be cool to have an optional glow behind your portrait, dark red = Rank 1, white = Rank 1000, and grades in between.
I said it many times before. Leaderboards need to be tiered then botters can compete with their own kind and leave the rest of the game for us regular folks lol. If you play 20 hours a week their is no way to compete on leaderboards, paragon wins every time. The reward show be .. let me see..a gold star for having no life ?
Hai - not a bad idea!

Aysrian - that'd be good if Blizzard could actively catch the botters with 100% accuracy...there's no way the botters would be good players and abide by the rules...
Honnestly yes, cosmetics rewards (though cosmetics only) for LB position would be a great idea.

Current LB are perfectly useless and I believe that's one of the reasons why nobody play D3 anymore.

Either put interesting LB with rewards or just don't put them and focus on an other aspect of the game.
04/12/2018 09:40Posted by Darkduprey
Honnestly yes, cosmetics rewards (though cosmetics only) for LB position would be a great idea.

Ah but that means they will have to think of even more cosmetics. That's about all we get from Seasons as it is.
A place in the Leaderboards should be the reward on itself.

Those who get there are either botting or playing way more than anyone else.

Unless season play was limited to 2 to 5 hours weekly, any other reward would be unfair for those who have less time to play because they have jobs or family.
At the beginning of each season you can, theoretically, get a top spot on the leaderboard for doing a GR 1.
Maybe if we have diffrent kind of LB in the game. One normal that we have right now where people how put crazy amount of time of farming paragon or botting will win.

Or the other LB, you only have your gear and your skills. No paragon and no augments available.

Maybe one more differcult lvl should also be that you only can do the grift maybe 10 times in the season. So you can't put hours of farming to get the perfect and lucky grift.

Or in softcore if you die you lose one paragon in the grift.
How would it be if we have a LB system there you will only compare to people how have played simular amount time.

If you have played over 150h you will be in LB "A-group"
playtime between 100-149h you are in LB "B-group"
playtime is under 100 you are in LB "C-group"
Or a mathematical weighed leaderboard where paragon points, augments and gem levels are calculated into a coefficient reducing or increasing the value of your highest clear. Like handicaps in golf.
Don't quit your day job...
Jazz. Blizzard math is flawed it always has been. If mele classes had the same multipliers as an aoe they would destroy.
That's not the way classes work though choose a class for what it is. So if I choose the poorest class(like a barb has been since Jay left) play it for what it is.
The prob is if you want paragon your forced into a build.
So I guess Rats runs for paragon and then Meta will always win?
Its not real math just the way the game works sadly:)

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