NON SEASON plagued by botters

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Someone point out botters? How can you say bot and play a dh/wiz/necro its automatic for those classes. I play seasons but I do look at paragon levels between seasons. what point do they bot...I see a lot of 6k toons can you call op a bot?
I have played seasons since they came out I will never play sc. You can call someone a botter when you can solo 109 as a necro in 2 min or run 105 with dh in 2min. I didn't make the game but that's what it seasons if you bored with sc :)
06/03/2019 03:52Posted by latimeriaex
let`s name and shame

I guess you have a really bad memory if you forgot what happened the last seven times you did that.
06/03/2019 06:02Posted by latimeriaex
We ask a proper banwave in non season and we will do all in our power to achieve it.

Every single time you name and shame players in a thread you're effectively silencing yourself and everyone else that contributed to thread because they get removed due to breaching the forum guidelines / code of conduct.

Don't accuse me of not caring about botters. Good luck finding a single post of mine that defends them, because there aren't any. On the contrary, you'll easily find lots of posts where I complain about people that are clearly cheating. I've also made posts which show other people how they can determine whether others are cheating. The difference is that I made those complaints without naming specific players.

I absolutely agree with you that I want Blizzard to enforce their own rules. That includes the rules about what you can and can't do on the forums. If you want to campaign against botters / account sharing, I'm with you. If you think it's okay to break the rules whilst campaigning, I'm not.
If nothing work following the rules for ages...... you try breaking the rules. We don`t have choice, when things don`t changes you have no choice. Look at France in XVII century if you need an idea about how it works when you don`t have choice....
Unfortunately this thread has derailed, so we're locking it at this point. Please continue any constructive discussions in a new thread if necessary.

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