How to farm spesific set pieces?

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hey everyone!

i'm a newbie. i finished campaign and recently hit 160 paragon level with my first seasonal character, demon hunter.

i'm trying to farm natalya set, i already have three pieces. but i do not know how i should farm the rest. i'm doing gr and nr but i barely get set pieces and they are totally different than i'm looking for.

does anyone have a tip?

just keep farming they might drop one day. The natalyas is actually the reward of the actual season journey so i suggest to complete it first (should be on the top right next to the green season icon i think its a box or something). But in general there is no real way to farm specific set pieces.

A good tip is to get the cube if you havent got it already and reroll set pieces you already have to some bew ones. Good way to get missing parts.
the only way to get farm is to do exactly what you do: farm.
For set pieces, however, there is a recipe in Kanai's Cube that lets you "reforge set items" (new item can never be ancient!). Note that this is not the "reforge legendary"; I think it's recipe #4 or #5.

What this does is that it changes the item you put in against a different item from the same (!) set. If you now have 3 Natalya pieces, and you loot a duplicate, keep the better of these two and throw the other one into the cube and reforge it. That's a quick way to complete a set. In season even more, as you only need 5 pieces to have the 6-piece bonus.

God luck!
If your DH is your first seasonal character and the Natalya's set is the Haedrig's gift reward, then that is your answer right there. Check your seasonal journey, accessed with a hotkey or by clicking the correct icon at the upper right corner of the UI. It really does not take long to complete the objectives and claim your free set. You'll be raining vengeance on those demons in no time.
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hey, i recommend doing normal rifts to get death breaths and then buy rare of the item you want from blacksmith and upgrade rare using kanais cube.
If you're a newbie you don't have that many mats to spend at the blacksmith and in the cube. If you wanna try your luck at upgrading rares in the cube you can use the rares from Kadala first. If you use the blacksmith to craft rares then be sure to select "sovereign" types of the right kind.

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