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Hello everybody.

First of all, English is not my native language, sorry for my bad grammar.

I am looking for a character and a build that suits for my play style. I am asking you guys because it takes so much time for me to level a character to 70, then find all the items for builds.

Since now, I tried Demon Hunter (natalya-marauder, shadow and multishot builds), Barbarian (whirlwind and raekor builds) and wizard (tal rasha build). My problems were;

DH natalya-marauder build: I didn't like sentries. If I had to use sentries for AOE damage and rain of vengeance for single target damage or vice-versa, I could enjoy the gameplay but needing sentries all the time is not really my taste. Also, this build was really squishy.

DH shadow build: I really enjoyed this build. I reached my highest GR record with this one, which was 105. It was really active. Toughness was nice, single target DPS was great. The only problem was AOE damage. I had to skip all the trash and find champions to kill. I did not enjoy this.

DH multishot build: I also really enjoyed this build. The problem was, after level 90 GR, I got stuck. I couldn't progress any higher. My damage wasn't enough and the build was squishy.

Barbarian WW build: I had to choose between DPS and toughness. Aquila Cuirass or Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan or Swamp Land Wanders, Traveller's Pledge and Compass Rose or Hellfire Amulet and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac or Convention of Elements. I either had hard time to kill or hard time to stay alive. Didn't enjoy that.

Barbarian Raekor build: I'm trying this one right now. Still not sure if I will enjoy this or not.

Wizard Tal Rasha build: Great DPS. Dying instantly. Just hated this one.

I guess I need a character that based on 70% damage and 30% toughness. Maybe 30% single target DPS, 40% AOE dps, 30% toughness. I really don't like skipping trash.

Can you guys recommend me some classes and builds based on these information please? Thank you for your time.

P.S: I don't have Necromancer.
Try witch doctor. Maybe the Helltooth gargantuan build will suit you. (Search youtube for guides on witch doctor 2.6.4 builds).

An easy way to level up a new character solo is by putting a gem of ease level 25 into a powerful weapon with a socket so it can be used by a level 1 hero. You can also use a hellfire amulet and ring on a new hero.
You could also try monk. Inna build for example.
- Bell monk is pretty nice (inna or LoN or sunwuko),
- jade wd too.

both got good toughness, mainly aoe and decent on single target.

you ll get stuck quite quickly with wd helltooth tho, kind of like with multishot dh.
Playing a WD would be cool, i don't see many of them around. Same goes for the Crusader.
But honestly the best build that I've played in a long time is a Vyr's Wizard. It has huge toughness while in Archon form, literally billions, but can still be vulnerable sometimes while Archon is recharging. Also there's no need to skip trash which you mentioned, in fact AoE damage is it's strength but it is still very capable of defeating elites if you stay close to them.
But mostly i just love the build's play style. I have not played a Shadow DH yet but i think Vyr's plays very similarly. It's mostly lot's of teleporting around and finding the best position to attack from with Disintegration Wave. Arcane Blast can also be spammed and you just use Arcane Torrent to recharge Archon form while it's on cooldown, whilst still having access to Teleport.
It's very active and fun, i think you will like it if you enjoyed Shadow DH. Your GR record with it will be lower than before however.
These days with all these damage buffs WITHOUT having an adequate survivability upgrade naturally makes all champs "squishy". I guess the high clears involve dying at least 3 or 4 times.
I currently play Demon Hunter; I am at 1210 Paragon, and I cleared a 107 with Shadow, and ~100 with Natadeur. Yes, Multishot is ~10 levels below. I have buddies who cleared a GR115 with suboptimal gear at ~1000 Paragon.

On the items you need to care about survivability first and foremost, else you don't get your damage out. I made significant improvements with
- having blue diamonds on the gear for all resist,
- getting items which have all-resist whenever possible.
You have that on your Demon Hunter, so that's good.
I'd say level gems for augments, grind for better (ancient) gear, use the boar companion.

GR105 on Shadow with 1000 Paragon is not bad at all. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you do; that's what gaming is about.
However, if you generally want more robust champs, go Monk, Crusager or Barb. They have 30% more resistance.
Thank you all for your time guys. I guess I'm gonna try monk.

Love you all.
Anything that's it the game..all class are op. Powercreep extrodinare.
Add me ill help you lvl all chars to 70 about 10 min per char
Sorry see you play season if wanna do ns let me know

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