Help improving my Bonestorm Necro build? XB1

Hey diablo dudes!

I've been playing Diablo on and off for years and decided to join again this season. I love the slashy-fun-time style of this Necro build but I'm not sure if it can be improved?

I'm pretty sure this is the exact build but I may have different items.

Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions! Oh, and this is mostly for solo GR progression. Also, almost all of the gear is ancient.

My paragon is 1004 and mostly all mainstat.

Main gear:

Helm: Inarius Understanding

Chest: Inarius Conviction/primal requiem cereplate.

Shoulders: Inarius Martyrdom.

Gloves: Inarius Will.

Main hand: Trag Corroded Fang.

Off hand: Leger's Distain.

Belt: Dayntee's Binding.

Legs: Inarius Reticence.

Boots: Inarius Perseverance.

Ring 1: Krysbin sentence. Ring 2: Convection of elements.

Wrists: Ancient Parthan defenders.

Neck: Wisdom of Kalan.

Cube Gear:

Nayr's black death.

Depth diggers.

Lornelle's sunstone.

Legendary gems:

Simplicity's strength: 112. Bane of the trapped: 104. Bane of the stricken. 102.

Attack wise it's mostly curse and slash with Bonestorm on and mages to drain all the essence, which leads to some awesome damage from large groups of monsters.

Thanks y'all!

I'm really wondering if there's a piece of the set that'd be worth replacing since the buff in S16.

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