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my 6 yr old daughter has deleted all my characters - is there any way that they can be reinstated
Good morning Madslasher,

You can do so as described here.

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@Madslasher, If you had more than one character deleted, the procedure suggested by Kiemmaki won't help much.... it will offer to undelete the last character deleted.... unless the developpers have improved the programme lately.

If you want to restore several heroes, the only procedure I know that can do that is to perform an account rollback. On a regular basis, the game saves the entire content of your account; these saves are available to you should you need them.... if your account is hacked for example. There is a bit of information here :

Be aware that a rollback cannot be undone.... and that you may lose recently found equipment. Also, you only have 3 rollbacks in the entire life of your account -- 1 rollback per region if you have heroes on all region since a rollback is applied to only one region.

Looking at your heroes on Europe... your seasonal hero is level 25 and has not completed Chapter I yet. It may be simpler to just start from scratch again. As far as the non-season heroes are concerned, only the DH has reached level 70. The deletion of the non-season heroes may cancel your completion of the Campaign mode... if that is the case, you will need to kill Malthael in non-season campaign mode again in order to play Adventure mode in Non-season.
I have recently brought a new PC and cannot find how to download the Diablo3 and reaper of souls account.
1) Install the Blizzard Battle.Net App :

2) Launch the App, logon with your e-mail/password, select D3 tab, click Install.

Note : you need to use the same e-mail/password that you used to activate the game... otherwise, you will start in Starter Edition.
hii i play this game for a last 6 years but i change windows for pc and when i log on i may acount i see i must buy again game plus all dlc .........
16/04/2019 12:06Posted by doddy
when i log on
It looks like you connected to Battle.Net using the wrong account... you must use the same e-mail/password that you were using previously, since that is where the game is registered.

Contact Blizzard Support if you don't remember your account e-mail :
Hello doddy,

As Boubou already said, make sure to log into the right Battle.Net Account and the right region.

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