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I can not connect with the D3 server with error code 1021, anyone knows what happened?
Hello Real,

When do you get this error? Upon starting the game via the app, when logging in or when trying to enter a game?

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What's your opinion?
That happened to me, when I enter the game, in the part of "connecting to the blizzard servers" appears the error and only says "an error occurred (error code 1021)" when I try to log in again, it says it's a connection problem.
I tried the steps of
but it did not work.
I can not play WoW either because it does not let me connect to the servers.
It all started because I could not see the season journey and my achievements in D3, so I followed the steps of this tread
I deleted and reinstalled Bnet, Wow and D3, but the problem persists
Hello Pechex : Your heroes are on the Americas region... are you located in the US ?
and if so, who is your Internet Service Provider ?
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Hey Boubou, i already fix the problem, i got the solution here:

I followed this steps and my game fixed:
1. Open Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections
2. Right click on your network adapter -> Properties
3. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 -> Properties
4. Check "Use the following DNS server addresses" and put and there

The problem was solved, but thank you very much for the quick response!
ok - I'm glad you figured it out... good work.

Best of luck in your games !!

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