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It's been forever now. And still no fix?!
Only workaround is to play in Full screen (window)
And then you loose some FPS.

Why have you not fixed this after so many years?
Many people have this problem, and I'm guessing you have no
fix for this blizzard, right?

Dose not matter the computer setup. So don't ask.
If you need some, there is many Topics on this.
Hey StoneOcean,
14/03/2019 19:07Posted by StoneOcean
Dose not matter the computer setup. So don't ask.
I don't have any issues with this myself, so I would like to have a look into your setup and settings.

Could you take a screenshot of your video settings in-game, and post your System Files so we can have a closer look into this. Please go through the steps listed here, and create both the MSInfo and DxDiag files. Post them on a page like or share directly with us through OneDrive. Post the links here afterwards, so we can have a look.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!
i have same problem... shuttering and minimizing game to desktop!!!! this game is turning into an unbearable game

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