Something has to be done about the cheating in diablo on the switch. It's pretty ridiculous now. Maybe something so offline play can't be logged on the leaderboards. Or banning accounts. Completely ruins the point of the game when you have to scroll at least 400 players down before you reach anything believable
So your saying offline player can compete for leaderboards? If the greater rift is higher than 130 140 then it must be cheating. No one has being that high yet. I believe
I heard about it. Its has to do with the airplane mode as the console only makes routine check online every couple of hours or so. The point is that the player loggs in the game and then puts airplane mod and still stays in the season. Something like it. A streamer had that discussion but i dont remember what was the trick really.
What was highest achieved Gr? Any class.
This is the real problem. They should do something with the switch version.

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