I am new to PS4 and also new to Diablo3..
And I just started with season 17, so what should I do to play online?
Just do normal quest and levelling first? I need guides from PS4 in future..
Is it like MMORPG where after I am levelled I can go online or?
to be "online" to be able to play with others you need to purchase playstation plus.

That will enable you to use multiplayers that are not on the same LAN as you.

Seasons are online to an extent. You have to have a interwebz connection to play seasons, but again, need ps plus to play with others.

go through the season journey, and get the free sets from haedrig and work on getting better gear and better times on greater rift.. better gear, better rift... better gear, better rift. thats basically what you do.. its a grind and find, looter kind of game.

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