Nephalem power orbs always land behind you issue

Hi I am having issues on Xbox one x as I have returned to playing Diablo 3 after a while away. The problem is in relation to nephalem glory power orbs, as you play through greater rifts (and they are timed events) the problem is that when nephalem glory power orbs spawn they always spawn, very slowly fly through the air and then always land behind you so that you have to stop attacking, turn around, run to them very slowly if you don’t have movement speed bonuses, then turn around to reface the enemies again all eating away at the time left in the greater rift. The issue relates to the slow spawn and flying speed of the orb and secondly the fact they always land in the opposite direction from where you are going in fact always behind you, why don’t/ can’t these just fall near you or in front of you? I can’t believe it’s an intended gameplay mechanic for a timed gameplay mode to actively make you go slowly and to make you have to turn around and run backwards all wasting valuable time, also this action always makes you reduce your kill bonuses as the timer before you need to make your next kill always expires before you can collect the double damage orbs and turn around to start killing the enemies again.

I enclose a link to a video I recorded on xboxlive to highlight the issue if you watch from around 26 seconds onwards you will see what I am describing, the orb slowly flies behind me and lands so I have to turn around to go and collect it, this happens every time. Please investigate and ask the developers to see if this was an intentional mechanic they designed or something that can easily be addressed as it’s clearly flawed in a game mode ie greater rifts that rely on speed of execution, and the need to keep pushing forward while killing the enemies.

I love playing the game but this detracts badly from the experience I’m sure that was intended.

Thank you for your time and help with this matter.
hehehe... they won't do !@#$ about the globes.. trust me, we've moaned and cried and cursed, and they won't do a damn thing.. They shouldn't be in the Greater Rifts in the first place.
I believe it’s intentionally made from the developers. As a fresh Nephalem having bought the Nintendo Switch version, it definitely’s not a problem for me as I guess that’s the way it’s intentioned to be played.
for starting to level yes, but end game, the globes are a nuisance. because you constantly have to keep up with picking up the globes, otherwise you do half the damage that PC does. and after so many stacks, you have to stop and redo the stacks all over again, and if you run with pets, that makes it worse because they don't stop killing.
The problem here is that NG on the PC version of the game is 1000% ignored by players. They don't have to waste time picking them up as they do nothing on the PC version of the game (or so very little, as to make them a complete waste of time).

The problems with NG are fourfold:

1) limited (half) DPS until you pick a NG globe up - then, and ONLY then does console damage match PC damage for the very same char/build/gear etc.

2) we have to waste a considerable amount of time running around to pick them up

3) because of the spawn nature of NG globes on consoles, we have to basically kill our kill/massacre streak at 50 or 75 kills, wait for it to expire and then restart the massacre run. This means we potentially miss out on XP buffs from larger kill streaks, which PC doesn't have to worry about. It also wastes time having to back off and let the NG timer expire...very frustrating to say the least.

4) Dying - die and you lose your NG buff uptime. It gets wiped reset. Back to half damage...PC players get almost NO penalty for dying - console players get the time penalty to resurrect as WELL as the loss of NG and back to half damage. This is especially painful if it happens right before the RG spawns, or during the RG fight - basically meaning it takes us twice as long to roll the RG with the same gear/paragon/char/build as the PC version of the game.

Absolute idiocy on Blizzard's part.

Here's a blunt tip Blizzard - instead of screwing with the game and adding new crap that we don't care about, bloody well fix and remove the NG crap from the console version of the game. Spend the time and $$$ to fix a broken mechanic that just screws console players over. Listen to the players, many of which have been asking for this to be fixed for a good number of years now.

You [Blizzard] say you're listening, well you're bloody well NOT. NG mechanic on consoles is proof of that.

Whilst you're at it, make seasons online saves ONLY to stop the reforge exploit which makes cheating endemic. Give us a SSF LB too. You say it can't be done, I call BS - Path of Exile manages both without *ANY* issue (it's also a far better game btw).

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