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So I played this game before seasons were introduced.I recently bought it on sale in Xbox store for my Xbox one x .
So my question is on higher levels like 50-60-70 do I need to mandatory team up with other players or I can solo all seasonal content ?
Welcome back to Diablo III!

Although I don’t play seasonal I believe that the only reason to team up in this mode is if you attempt a Conquest challenge asking you to annihilate over 350 monsters during a Cursed Chest event.

To complete the whole season-campaign you actually don’t need any help from others. You can solo it just fine. However Lvl50 and up not considered high difficulty since the true challenge in Diablo III begins at Torment 1 and up and I might even say Torment 10 and up.

Have fun!
Most ppl generally do chapters 1-4 of season then quit, others do go for the conquests which require help. But a lot of seasonal achievements are meant to be done solo.

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