Looking For Ancient Sacred Harvester (Nintendo Switch)


I'm looking to trade for an Ancient Sacred Harvester (not modded of course) Nintendo Switch. I can offer an Ancient In-geom if someone's interested. Or maybe you don't need it and instead of salvaging it you can send it to me via mail for free!

Location's in Europe.

In addition I'll greatly appreciate if someone's can send me via mail the following white items (will send them right back to you after I get the associated transmogrification):

$ Panther's Claw
$ Crossbow of Corvus
$ Steffon's Heavy Lance
$ King Maker
$ Sungjae's Fury

Thank you for reading.
FYI, you won't be able to do this during season.. they can send you one non seasonal. but You'll have to farm your own for seasonal play.
I play non-season only!

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