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How did you think this season? its not fun anymore, you cant do anything at all before you die of everything little thing.. and every single fing grift its poisonpoison and fireballsfireballs.. and i die like 8 times in one gr just becouse its only poison and fireballs every single grift.. and if you only get hity a little by a meele you die.. dont un dertsnad how you are gona play and have fun when you are dead all the time
If you're dying all the time then, quite simply, you're attempting content at a difficulty level that is too hard for your hero's current gearing. A simple solution is to equip your hero and follower with Unity for a permanent 50% damage mitigation.
In addition to the suggestion above, I'd recommend picking some better skills, passives in particular. Combination Strike and Alacrity are completely useless as no generator skills are being used. Pick something useful, like the cheat death passive.

Also use Mantra of Salvation - Agility. Massive toughness boost.
as the others suggested get 2 Unity rings for you and your follower and swap out Combination Strike and Alacrity since it's pretty much as if you only have 2 passives equipped instead of 4.

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