Are there people playing through whole season ?

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This is firstt in 17 seasons that I'm 20 days since start still playing. Paragon 1415 and going strong, got top 100 on WD, just reforged Primal Chantodo aswel, have zmonk for 110 speeds. Since I have in plan to play atleast couple weeks more, I'm wondering what is your experience based on previous seasons ?

Are there still 100-110gr speeds month/two in season ? Or there are majority of groups for pushes only ? Does majority leave season aswel ? I'm playing solo with randoms usually so got concerned a bit :) Didn't realize that I'm playing 20 days ALREADY.
Last season was a novelty big powercreep and rrog bonus. This season I got the stash and the wings . Lon is up to gr 103 I cant see grinding it. Ill prob play Poe season also. Im not an xp grinder or a z class player. I play to gear my lon needs a bit of work but tbh its not worth it to gain 5-10 more levels of gr.
I'm still playing because I'm not actually done with it yet. I was only going to run until I got the stash tab but, because I finished completely last season, I thought I'd do it all again. I have three more sets to run through a 55 Grift and finish leveling 3 gems to 70 before I'm done. No rush - plenty of time.

I'm a casual player and happy to do it at my own pace.
I will try to finish it, but I am not sure if I will manage to get the wings. I keep hoping though.
1 month and its stale for me
08/06/2019 12:35Posted by Amora
I will try to finish it, but I am not sure if I will manage to get the wings. I keep hoping though.

I am a casual Player, and finishing the Season journey is rather easy. The 3 conquests I did (which is normally the hardest Thing to do) where
- Avarice by just running a cow Level when i was strong enough,
- 6 GR55 with different sets; got me a witch doctor and did 3 GRs with 3 sets in no time and with no tuning/rolling,
- do a GR45 with no set items. In the free LoN season that is the least difficult thing.

I played season because I wanted to get that stash tab in order to make space for Witch Doctor gear. I'm out of space in my off-season stash. I'll play WD for some more, but I guess before season end I will make a break and play A Plague Tale Innocent which I bought yesterday :)

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