How Many Hours Clocked In (Console)?

Since I’m not allowed to participate to the General Discussion thread due to having bought the Nintendo Switch version of the game and not the PC one, I decided to create a thread and ask all console players how many hours they have clocked in into Diablo III.

Personally, in about a month and a-half I’ve clocked in about 350 hours as a Witch Doctor alone on the Switch, having completed most of the achievements and almost perfected my build (need to add some legendary gem augments). I also own the Cosmic Wings and the Rainbow Portrait. As soon as I’m done with my WD I move on to the second class I care about and that’s the Necromancer. When he’s done too (including earning related achievements), I will move on to another game but still play a bit here and then to finalize the 10K bounties and 1,000,000 killed rift monsters achievements. By the time this is completed I think I will be about at the 600 hour mark.

Eager to hear about your total time with the game!
Just recently bought a copy for my dusty Xbox 360 for like 15 bucks. I personally love how the game plays on consoles and prefer it over the PC port. So far I’ve clocked maybe 20 hours on my barbarian, and feel like it’s just the beginning. Looking forward on playing through the harder difficulties and trying out all classes!
keep in mind, you won't ever get the necromancer, or play in greater rifts. or any of the stuff that we currently have.

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