characters lost after login back in

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someone help please I went for a break for a few hours and logged back in and all 3 of my level 40's characters were gone like it deleted by itself.
nvm its back now for some reason the 3rd time I logged in the characters are back. BY THE WAY blizzard don't disappoint me on this game you already ruined hearthstone for me coz that game was literally crap with its built balance and I don't play it anymore tho I spent some money on it and not planning on spending more on that lousy game made by whoever was employed in your company that's lousy and manage to impress none with his lousy development work. SO FAR diablo is working thumbs up to the developer or team who did this from blizzard.
Most likely reason for "missing" heroes is when you log into the wrong server region, e.g. if all your heroes are on EU and you accidentally log into US.

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