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I already have Diablo 2 + LoD but that Horadric Cube usb with D1 + D2 can make my day... my year (;
I would hope for a map as well. I always keep those. Just found my old UO one the other day from years ago. A map of Sanctuary would be very nice.

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I didn't read any one's else's comments because i want my fresh opinion what I would like to be in there!

What I think:

WoW-ingame pet
Diablo 3 avatar(if we get that)
Sc2 avatar
Behind the scenes
music dvd

What I want:

A little murlock diablo statue i can put on my desk
a map of sancuary like you got with Oblivion, that was awesome!
Something equal of the model change of the Thor in sc2 but for Diablo 3, like on our token thingy.

And a special edition server without cheating.

(no rmah) (:
I'd like a Soulstone usb with both prequels more than a horadric cube one (not that I'd complain if it was indeed the cube).

But what I'd really want to get would be a t-shirt with the very colorful "Diablo 3" logo with unicorns and rainbows. Being a supporter of the new art direction since the announcement, I'd LOVE this!
I'd love to see miniature Horadric cube.
26/08/2011 14:12Posted by Eroll
I'd love to see miniature Horadric cube.

Agreed, I have a crapload of miniature crossbow bolts that I want to turn into miniature arrows.
I hope they will put some coupons for energy drinks in the collectors edition , course it will be long 96 hours day when the game is released :P
Soundtrack in proper jewel case is the biggest must-buy item for me, hoping they'll include that as usual.
25/08/2011 15:00Posted by Mates
Horadric cube USB thumb with D1 + D2

I wouldn't mind one of those. I must say i didn't like the one that came with Starcraft II. First off, it was too large for my front USB ports. And second, it had so little space on it. I think it was 2 Gigabytes or something. So I've stashed it in my large random box >.<
The CE would probably contain

- Like other said , a cloth map of sanctuary*.
- WoW pet and SC2 Avatar.
- Probably an unique Dye.
- A Horadric Cube to store stuff in.
- And ofc a rapping Deckard Cain action figurine!
I would love to have a Horadric Cube USB, that sounds so cool! Or a full size Wirt's Leg :D
Why would a Diablo fan want a Ingame pet for WoW? I dont play WoW so why should I get that?

I like to see some sort of mini figure/statue.
A nice hardcover "tome" like DVD case. (large like the Lord of the Rings extended edition) Perhaps an ingame item of some sort.
A cloth map of Sanctuary.
Soundtrack CD
Perhaps some clothes, like a D3 baseball Cap :D or a T-shirt.
And of course a large poster.
Perhaps a Souldstone USB drive (with led inside)
And a Horadric Cube Keychain.

It will have to be worth the extra money.
25/08/2011 15:00Posted by Mates
Horadric cube USB thumb with D1 + D2

I'm not too fond of the idea of a cubic USB drive... But I love the idea of an optimized D1 that would run on all contemporary operating systems.

As long as there isn't some big figurine/statue in there, I will most likely buy it no matter what.
I am still in two minds about jumping right on the D3 bandwagon, but that is a different story, but I have to say that for me it is usually about the Music CD. I invariably end up buying the CD of music for most Blizzard games anyway, so buying the CE edition is usually a way of saving some money in the long run.

A nice hardbook collectors art book is always nice
A decent quality mousemat is always appreciated (the one in WoW Cataclysm was dire)
In game collectibles are fun, but I never fully appreciate them nor use them.

The idea of D1 and D2 is appealing, and a nice collectors USB pen sounds like a good plan.

Posters and wall hangings sadly no longer play a part in my life as a mature gamer.. my other half tolerates my anaorak gaming ways, but wont tolerate me turning rooms in the house into something akin to a teengers bedroom.
Ah well if you have decent frame with glass you can make every poster look classy.
And a once in 10 year game sequel deserves some acknowledgment.
26/08/2011 03:51Posted by Elly
A map of Sanctuary would be very nice.

Not just any map. A detailed map with previously unknown locations. Maybe a lost travelers map. I mean a really detailed maps. Not like the one on the website.
Now that the outdoors are static (If i remember correctly) we could have dungeons shown on the maps. Ruins of former glory. Mystery ponds and oases. Know farmsteads. Famous inns. Dangerous territories. Jungle tribes etc.

I always liked looking at maps with much detail and wonder what those places were.

Would make my game much more worth playing with my trusty map at my side.
I dont know if the dungeon entrances are static or random, I do know the special treasure chests will.
i'd love a poster, or a t-shirt

i didn't like the comic from the starcraft 2 CE.. i never even took it out of the plastic.. :p i just dont care about it!

i'll be getting D3 collectors edition also. no doubt!
Horadric Cube puzzle type thing would be cool

Tyrael statue / action figure

Some ingame vanity item, Diablo horns or something

I think ingame items should not be given, because you should not gain advantage over others by purchasing the CE. I bet if they would give some usable ingame item it would also be account bound and then you cant sell/buy it if you want. And with every character you create you will always have that Amulet or something that gives you a plus.

On the other hand, the item will sure have no lvl cap so it will probably be only usable in the begin levels from 1 to 10 or something untill you find something better.

Well we will see SOON I HOPE.

Lets just skip the beta and release it, I dont mind patching along the way.

S T O P _ T H E _ T O R M E N T ! !

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