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It would be legen..
wait for it...

A Horadric Cube Rubics Cube!
26/08/2011 14:12Posted by Eroll
I'd love to see miniature Horadric cube.

miniature Horadric cube... hell - they should make box out of huge Horadric Cube and pack D3 CE content into it :D
A far-fetched idea, that I would personally love (and some probably hate):
5 Class-specific collector's editions. Each with a class themed design, content and maybe even a unique class item.

I would buy the Monk Edition sooo muuuch!
Why put WoW crap in a Diablo package. It doesnt make sense.
I want a permanent companion (the gold collecting pet) in the shape of a murloc.

Just to p off the purists.

Although I could live with one on a cooldown, so it's not too OP.
cant find anywhere in uk to preorder, will be a rush on news of release date then i suspect

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