Hardcore Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor
Just wanted to know if u guys think this build is any good to survive in HC?
plz give ure opinions and explain what and why you would change certain skills ty.


Ill just explain my idea behind my skill choice:
-I took Fire bomb as my main damage output has nice damage and huge aoe effect with crimson. I was thinking of taking fire bats with crimson but i need to stand still to use that ability which isn't very good in my opinion.

-Wall of zombies basically to stop enemies that get to near and since there is no CD i can also trap monsters if i play it right. I'm not sure if the wall also absorbs Projectiles? would be even better then

- Mass confusion to lower incoming damage i took obsidian rune since the spirits damage is based on my damage output, cause monster tend to have much larger health pools then the damage that they put out. (oh!@#$ button)

-I took Horrify over spirit walk since i t has a longer duration, i can do damage or use wall of zombies to insure my escape while i use it, and i think in higher difficulties spirit walk might get interrupted when monsters get ure physical boady under 50%. crimson ofc for the + armor.

-zombie dogs + indigo for the damage migration is a must have i think

-Gargantuan + Obsidian cause the more pets i have the more stuff enemies have to attack which takes attention off me and the rune for its aoe effect and i prefer the poison damage over the cleave from Indigo.

-Jungle fortitude explains itself

-Zombie handler same reason as the have for the gargantuan and to make my pets tougher

-Fierce Loyalty to make my pets survive better.

Not a good idea.
20/11/2011 21:33Posted by Hezan
Not a good idea.

Wow what an insightful answer. This guy surely knows what he's talking about!

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