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Hey folks,
apologies in advance if my question were already answered somewhere sometime, I just couldn't find clear information about this:

How exactly will the experience be shared if played co-op, especially with +exp items?
Say I wanna play with a friend of mine together from level 1 all through to the end, will we end up being 2 or more levels apart if one of us chooses to get +exp gear and the other one doesnt?

Somewhere I also read that the followers get shared exp if you do the killing blow, and exp bonus if they do the killing blow on their own. If that is correct, does that mean that my friends follower doesn't get any exp if I do all the killing blows? And, will I get exp if his follower does the killing blow?
I wouldn't know but what I am curious about is how loot will be divided.
XP is modified so that it roughly represents the single player experience, thats atleast what i can tell from the videos. However if you are more than 1 you may or may not kill faster even though the enemies are harder.

+Exp items should work like normal,someone nearby kills a minions worth 50 xp, and u get that + the xp items u have. (it only modifies the gain for you)

So yes,u can basicly outlevel your friends if you in a normal non-exp gear would get xp from all fights (not killing while a mate is in town).

Your friends cant have followers, in multiplayer followers are removed.


Loot isnt divided, each player gets hes own loot/gold drops from each monster, to know what someone else got from an encounter u will have to ask them.
Alone vs. Co-op

I tried the experience bonus by leveling first couple chars alone and once I got to the Skeleton King my characters level were around 8-8,5. I also leveled couple of my characters in Co-op games with 3 other people with me. I ended up having my characters around level 7,5-8,5 by the time we downed the Skeleton King first time on those characters. So, the group experience bonus is about same as playing alone. The reason for lower level range for Co-op is because when people play together they move faster and sometimes different directions, so finding the right doors and places will reduce the amount of mobs killed per person.

Drops (Items/gold):
I didn't notice any difference in amount of drops between playing alone and Co-oping. The reason might be that EVERYONE CAN ONLY SEE THEIR OWN LOOT, including gold, scrolls, all items, everything that can be picked up. Yes you heard right! If you kill a monster with a friend and he yells that nice legendary item and you didnt see it, that means the drop was only for your friend. So, no more ninjaing in games like in diablo2. BUT if you pick an item and then drop it back to ground, then everybody else can see it and pick it up.

Because of this new drop/looting system, there is no reason why Co-op games should give more loot, since the monsters have roughly 4 times the health when playing Co-op with 4 players to compared the 1 time the health when playing alone. So, there are 4 times more loot in 4player Co-op game, but every player can only see 1/4 of the total loot in 4 Co-op game, which is the same amount as playing alone.

Once you join Co-op games in beta, your follower isn't following you. But if you go town and talk with the merchant and tell him to follow you, he will follow even in Co-op games. (In the beta act 1 merchant, the templar, can be found south from the waypoint altar.)

Amount of monsters or their strength isnt increased when playing in Co-op games, only their hit points. The players damage output should be much higher when playing Co-op than alone, since for example demon hunter can give "Marked for Death" to increase everyones damage by 20% to the affected target or monk has various "Mantras" that boosts damage or increases defenses. So, if you have friend to play with, there are no reasons why you shouldn't. Thou, if you want to read all the lore and play your own smooth pace then you should play alone. There are no signi@#*#nt differences why you should or shouldn't play alone/Co-op.
Thank you guys for the insight!

As for the xp-share with +exp items: Are we sure that the exp bonus only applies to the person wearing it? It can rack up to some substantially differences if I find three very good items that happen to have +10% exp each. By the time my fellow player hits lv30, i'll be 33 (if I wear that so long, which probably doesn't happen, but you could switch out +exp gear for +exp gear).

Also, is it confirmed that in co-op the killing blows do not matter in regard of exp share?

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