Huge beta op-in wave

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We wont get beta.
Still no beta to eu ?
Since no keys arrive in EU maby it would help to create an US Account and register another Diablo II. As i remember some poeple in the german Forum got in becouse they have an US account.

come on, keys please !

hi diablo 3

i am waiting from 15 years when i am younger . now i am marriage and have children ,also d3 not release till date , how many years should waiting games , for example metro dubai take 5 years costruction and burj khalifa take 6 years , but one game not finish till now ?? what happen in the world
We can wait for the game release but we want to be in the beta.

EDIT: Bah no way to get in a Blizzard close beta...I must watch my mail/account/web for SC2 and D3 beta keys +1.000 times =S
and not a single one to the EU tears...
now thats a HUGE number of invs, well i HOPE AND PRAY that our guys in EU get the same number ASAP

btw is this a good sign of starting of that famous "server stress test" start ?

"We’ll have more information about these global giveaways as well as regional betas in the coming weeks."

Oh god... regional betas? More delaying tactics.

I really didn't want to be spending summertime playing Diablo3 - that's what fecking WINTER is for - staying inside playing games because it's cold. Aaagrgh

So not only they decided to give EU the finger but they have to brag about it too? SC2 Beta never had this bullsh*t.

And regional betas? Was it too hard to come to the EU forums and tell as that here? No, we need to look for information from Twitter and the US website.
Only NA? This takes the @#@#@@#!...
They didnt write it on eu page, because they know what would happen in the comments... Blizzard you regionalist... Im wondering how much will it take before they lock this thread like they did with the other one...
usa has real humans
eu has real animals

blizzard seens like that
who wants to bet with me? i say, i wont get beta invite even if they invite another 100k players here in eu.
im gonna suicide my life after Q1 end and blizzard not release d3

ill bet with this if any1
Yeah.. So if you want to have decent chance to get in to the beta you have to make US account? So we are like second class?

Ok any good advise how to make US account? Is it allowed to make US account?
EU Citizens second class!/Bashiok/status/165126706791849984

Read and take hope!
i want beta too. Denmark doesn't get beta keys either ..

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