Huge beta op-in wave

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Blizz where is my beta key? :)
dont worry, they'll send us 200 beta keys!
as always EU ignored...
03/02/2012 13:24Posted by dnt
dont worry, they'll send us 200 beta keys!

Actually only 100 000 or more will do as we have a larger population than NA... (Not that I expect they'd actually give us (any/that much)).

Brilliantly stupid move to give 100k keys to USA only. Any brain dead zombie could've seen the complaints coming...

(If they want to distribute keys evenly for the rest of the world now, they'd have to send an additional 1.2 million beta keys. Fat chance...)
not a sodding beta invite here >_<
Hmm, this sooo reminds of another game recently released. US only beta, ignoring everyone else and then the game launches with more bugs than a brazilian rainforest.
not a sodding beta invite here >_<

Nothing here either and it's too bad that there ain't many chances for us living in Europe. On the other hand, I guess the actual release can't be THAT far away now.
Listens to *The Final countdown* and twirls his thumbs...
On the bright side since they invited so many people in US it must be a stress server test which means.... YEA 1 more month and we`ll get an official date on D3 release... HURRRAY!!

Or I`m just in a optimistic mood atm.
I've send my Beta request and am waiting waiting. Maybe soon, maybe never.
This takes soooo loong!

But well, on the other hand, a good game needs time. time is relative... E=MC^2 or maybe that is not true. I heard italien research found out that Einstein maybe wasn't right. They just need to do further tests over the duration of a year to get enough data to proof that.

:D Diablo for release *cheer*

Blizzard for ever *cheer*

OMG... what a change of mood during this one post.

Well that's the proof how time spend on Diablo can cheer you up!

Love you Blizzard. >.<
03/02/2012 16:58Posted by Coriollis
Or I`m just in a optimistic mood atm.

Yes, you sure are! :)
How I wish I was a fat american with a beta key.

On another subject. Did anyone fool themselves into buying the 1 year of WoW to get free D3?
I did and got bored of the new content after a month.. So just waiting for Diablo now.
I got a beta key!!
03/02/2012 18:12Posted by äLgRonny
I got a beta key!!

I hope that you did, you'd be one of the few lucky ones.
I can't stop laughing how people are weak and embarasing themselves because of BETA ? this is just ridiculous
I got invited
nope not yet :<
Well, maybe we didn't get any beta invites and they did, but at least we'll always be AHEAD OF THEM IN TIME muahahahahahahahahaha.
The recent beta invites were for North American players only as we’re still heavily interested in server performance, and inviting local, low-latency testers is important to achieve the results we need. While we absolutely want to continue to bring in players from around the globe, our intent is always going to be to do what best serves our testing requirements.

So while there may not be any beta invites in this wave for the EU, we will have more information in the following weeks about the global giveaways as well as for regional betas for you. Keep your eyes on the Diablo III front page and forums for this upcoming awesomeness!

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