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Please use this thread for discussion about the Skill and Rune Changes article.
I like the new changes.
I don't

Less items to put on AH, everyone have the same runes set... These are bad, bad, very bad changes
So does every skill still have 5 skill runes? can you change your skill rune whenever you want?
I really like thease changes and I would love to see how they would work out IF I had a BETA KEY!
When i first read about this new system i was a bit sad sens i saw the old system as something new and i like the ide to still hunt things that improv. your skills and not only dmg.. after lvl 60...

I will still miss the "hunting lvl 5 Runes after lvl 60" but after a few hours of killing with the new Patch i understand why you guys did it.. and it works really really well.. its so sweet that you all ready as lvl 6 start to chance your skills.. but the real fun begins when you get nr 2 rune at the same spell.. at that point you start to make your Char.. your own..

A small thing i miss in the new patch is a better overview on ALL your spells.. right now you have to go pass 4 to 6 pages to see then all.. where the old one you had the small window

Overall the new Patch is really really good.. better game..

Over and Out..
seems like this is going to be good : ) I liked the other runestones...but think this is going be slightly bether
It's been a long time since I was able to say that I really like these changes. Especially regarding the runes!

It was always a point of great concern for me that the old runes came in so many colours and alot of different ranks, that I didn't look forward to farming the exact runes I wanted for my specific talent build.

I do hope though that this was the last great hurdle that needed to be crossed for us to get closer to a release date.

All in all, good job, Jay & everyone else involved in it.
Horrible changes!
-Ready for console port

This and only this.
Looks better..
I agree with Wilson and I think this really would add to the Diablo feeling with customization with out having to spend 300 hours on finding the best runes
I like the changes for the most part.

The only thing I don't like is that the rune system no longer has any itemization connected to it.
Yes the leveling process will be more interesting, but when you reach 60, then what?

Then you play the game as you normally would at cap. There's just one less drop you need to worry about.

I love the change, simply due the the fact that I don't think players should have to be lucky in order to play the build they want to play.

There'll be plenty to do endgame outside of farming skill-modifying rocks.
We can only wait and see I guess...still I kinda liked the idea that my skills would somehow depend on what I've received as drop. Not so sure what's the problem with the inventory space...people have the option not to store 10 000 runestones in their chest and always can sell them if they don't want them.
And few questions:
Can you repick runeskills? (I guess probably yeah, but still..)
Isn't making skills using runes level5 or 6 from the go, make us too powerfull? I know we shouldn't be worried for the difficulty but still, things have to be changed in some way after this don't they?
Horrible changes!
I am so disapointed.
I will not buy this game if this is how it will work after release.

Leveling will be more interesting 100%.
But I am not leveling guy.
I choose one character and master it.
End game (Inferno) will be too boring for my taste.
I will not buy this game.
Jay Wilson is Game Director for Diablo III and won first place in the team's chili cook-off competition. Recipe available upon request.

Here we go Jay! Show us your secret recipe!
Hate this change. Next will be removing weapons and armor cause it is an inventory problem and noobs don't know which weapon should they choose..... every change makes the game worse and worse. I just hope there won't be anymore changes in the future cause I am really worried what will come out of this....

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